Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Berkeley Olive Grove's Fabulous Mother's Day Event

On Sunday we welcomed 60 diverse and delightful people.
It was wonderful weather for a tour along
 - respecting a diversity of wildlife -
the Grove's freshly mowed path.

While strolling, we talked about local history and the diversity of our ancestors.

Of course, during tours we discussed olive culture and olive leaf.
Then we returned and drank 2 delicious gallons of freshly brewed olive leaf tea.
Blush Catering had the people cheering with each dish,
including a standing ovation for chef Woody Guzzetti!

We thank all of our returning and new to the Grove friends.
And, we look forward to the next event.
Darro (sans beret here) will certainly once again be seated
and happily "break bread" with you all.

Monday, May 4, 2015

On The Job at Berkeley Olive Grove

Priding himself on speedy and alert professional care with grove duties,


one can be sure that Dorgi is well aware of that cat on our Tasting Room Shade Screen.

Contact Woody Guzzetti for tickets to join us on Mothers' Day: blushcatering@gmail.com

Perfect Weather: Berkeley Olive Grove May Events

MAY 2015


May 10th:      In The Grove for Mother's Day
                            tickets from Woody Guzzetti  blushcatering@gmail.com

May 17th      Open to the Public: Tour Tasting and Tea
                           (530) 533-1814

May 24th      Unity of Oroville: Tea Tasting and Tea

May 31st      Open to the Public: Tour Tasting and Tea
                           (530) 533-1814

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Historic Berkeley Olive Grove Becoming "Nice Shoes & Wheelchair" Friendly

Stable Pathway In The Works:
from driveway to Event Canopies.

Decomposed granite arriving.

Ready for strong back spreading.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Berkeley Olive Grove and Agritourism

Recently I and 150 other California Agritourism Focused Folks attended an UC Davis Summit with Penny Leff.
Great day, met with precisely the people that I'd hoped would be attending.
And now Berkeley Olive Grove has scheduled all of May's Sundays: 
Our new sign shows dates for Open to the Public Tour, Tasting and Olive Leaf Tea.

For Mothers' Day Blush Catering is preparing local and organic foods and offering a bottomless Champagne option - contact Woody Guzzetti at Blush Catering for tickets.
Our little dog is on duty for removing sticks on the pathway to the Event.

From Oroville's Unity Church, on May 25th there'll be carpooling for a Grove Tour after the 10:30am service. This visit follows a wonderful Unity Earth Day Celebration gracing the grove with bagpipes and drums. Appreciation - all the way around!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Celebration of Life

Memorial Tree
Commemorating An Artful Life

Besides quiet wisdom,
this special location is graced by jasmine and chimes.