Sunday, March 20, 2016

Berkeley Olive Grove's 2016 Oils - Heritage Mission now posted online

The Store is now stocked with our 2016  Release!

While we would love to share face-to-face guided tastings at the grove* with each of our new oils, we have put some care into wording each oil's aroma and flavor characteristics.

Also, for your selecting options, we offer our food pairing ideas for our variety of oils:
          Robust - California Mission Classic
          Medium - California Mission Gold
          More delicate - California Mission Reserve, and our very popular
          Mellow later harvest oils co-milled with Citrus

If you are new to characteristics of the oils from our dry-farmed, traditional agriculture,
we suggest considering the Variety Packs' tab at The Store.

If requesting custom orders, please send us an email:

*Guided tasting grove video posted below The Store offerings for Classic Ultra-Premium

Presenting Berkeley Olive Grove 2016 EVOO Release

showcasing local agricultural products,

Celebration to take place at Yuba Harvest Café
 13191 Lake Francis Road, Dobbins, CA

Saturday, MARCH 26
One of the most highly awarded extra virgin olive oils in America, Berkeley Olive Grove 1913 is releasing its new oils next weekend at charming Lake Francis Resort. Planted over a century ago at the base of Table Mountain in Oroville, these magnificent Heritage Mission olive trees were restored by current owners Darro and Olivia Grieco, and have been winning top awards in the US and abroad over the last decade. They have also been lauded for having extremely high levels of anti-oxidants, documented as being in the top 2.5% of the world’s olive oils in polyphenols.

On Saturday, March 26, Darro and Olivia will bring their new oils to the Yuba Harvest Café at Lake Francis Resort. You can meet them and
·       Taste all 5 of their new oils
·       Learn more about the history of the Berkeley Olive Grove
·       Understand what makes their terroir and sustainable practices so special for olives
·       Experience the oils with small pairing plates offered by Yuba Harvest Café.
And all of it is free of charge.

Their oils include:
·       The California Mission Reserve (Medium-Delicate)
·       The California Mission Gold (Medium)
·       The California Mission Classic (Robust)
·       The California Mission co-milled with Lisbon Lemon
·       The California Mission co-milled with Blood Orange

Lunch and dinner will be served at Yuba Harvest Café, with a menu especially geared to appreciating the different Berkeley Olive Grove 1913 oils. Reservations are encouraged: (530) 418-8240.

Yuba Harvest Café is a restaurant, tasting room and local food resource located on the shores of Lake Francis. Its mission is to showcase and support local Foothills ranchers, farmers and processors and to encourage the development of a local agricultural economy (

Steven Dambeck
Owner, Yuba Harvest Cafe
(530) 701-3577

Monday, February 1, 2016

Deng Ming-Dao's Visit to Berkeley Olive Grove


I visited an olive oil grove north of Oroville, and I was given something that eased my chronic pain. Every martial artist I know lives with three kinds of pain: from combat, from practice, and from aging. Perhaps pain is our ultimate and most persistent adversary.

Berkeley Olive Oil Grove 1913 (the name derives from the role that the University of California, Berkeley, played in the history of the grove) and serendipity seem to go together. Darro and Olivia bought the land with the intention of developing it for housing. They weren’t interested in the trees at that time. But once they became the owners, something changed for them. Shall we say that the trees spoke to them?

After they bought the land and walked through the grove, Darro and Olivia abandoned their development plans. They are a wonderful and warm couple. Olivia rescues horses and dogs, and has spent decades helping autistic children. The grove has become a labor of love on the part of two people who seemingly have endless love to give. They’ve done well. Since 2008, the list of awards they’ve received is impressive, with the most recent being the 2014 Gold Medal at the New York International Olive Oil Competition.

Their oils are high in polyphenol [see:], and I got a bottle of their highest concentrate. I was told that the oil was a good anti-inflammatory and was given a teaspoonful to try. I went to work out.

My knee pain and back pain lessened within a few hours. I was astonished—because I've tried taking olive oil before and it didn't have any effect. I’ve continued to take a spoonful of oil each day. I'm told it has to be early harvest olive oil. I wonder if terroir plays a role too.

Whether you’re looking for delicious olive oil (blood-orange and lemon flavors!) or want to explore the health benefits, look into Berkeley Olive Grove 2013.
Darro and Olivia

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Good Food Awards Full of Appreciation: Both Ways

That the Mission - balancing Social and Environmental goals - of the Founding People is strictly followed with passion is enlivened through the groups of people drawn to them. Last night in SF at the 2016 Awards each speaker's message sent a re-newal of clear visions for proceeding with best intentions - how we care for the planet and generations to come.
Dar with Neil Newman and Alice Waters. Whoa!
Once again, with appreciation, we join an incredible group of producers.

Thank you, Good Food Awards Committee, for your recognition of our practices and quality.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Trusting Your Northern California Olive Oil Producer: Berkeley Olive Grove & THE FULL REPORT

 With all the Press about Fraudulent Olive Oils, it's good to find vetted and authenticated top quality extra virgin olive oils right at home.


While there are ongoing reports of farming and food producing practices that do not watch out for coming generations, we're blessed with high standards from multiple oversight groups.
Good Food Award entries are subjected to rigorous vetting processes to verify each has met the sustainability and social responsibility criteria to win a Good Food Awards - of the current entries, 24 were disqualified.
Check the Friday, January 15, 2016 postings from the Good Food Awards Committee.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Oils Made from Olives: Honoring a Carefully Tended and Ripening Fruit

Some of us consume a quality olive oil straight but more usual is that it's used for our food pairing enjoyment as a spicy condiment or a buttery fruit over a dessert.

Not a homogeneous experience, it's fairly common knowledge that there are many varieties of olives that can be made into interesting olive oils.

Beyond the specific types of olives that offer us a choice in our oils, harvest times during the maturing stages of the fruit and milling practices have a large influence when the olives are encouraged to release their oils.

Berkeley Olive Grove 1913

Robust and spicy
*Green olives provide our most polyphenol rich oils - plenty of delicious bitter and pepper/chili

Medium with balanced spiciness and some butteriness
*Pink olives, for many people, provides a more approachable oil

Milder with fruitier aromas and less bitter / pepper 
*Purple olives usually have a nice buttery finish

Mildest and very fruity
*And, here's Darro looking over the black olives that we'll co-mill with ripe citrus - VERY popular
Monitored as an Organic and Kosher Estate. One can trust this farmer.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Authentic California Olive Oils: from a Traditional, Organic and Kosher Grove

 Great News!
We have twenty full variety kits available at our online Store

This is a good time to enjoy our full line of EVOO and citrus oils including:
Robust California Mission Classic,
Medium California Mission Gold,
Delicate California Mission Reserve and both
Co-milled Citrus Oils: California Mission Meyer Lemon and
                                 California Mission Blood Orange.

As always, each olive is sourced from our historic, organic estate.
And, for your true palate enjoyment, we source ripe organic citrus to co-mill with our
mellow, ripe and buttery late harvest Mission olives.

All five shipped in a sturdy gift box come in dark glass 100ml bottles that include pour spouts.
 Food pairing ideas included with each kit.