Monday, February 23, 2009

History and the professors

Between 1900 and 1904 the University of California Agricultural Extension Service, Agricultural Experiment Station at Berkeley published information on olive culture and making olive oil in California. My goal, has been and will continue to be to success of task, is to find those pamphlets for us all!
The Table Mountain area of Butte County with river-bottom soil of the valley was found, rather than solely for grains and legumes intended primarily for cattle feed, to be suited for tree crops. The area around Oroville with volcanic-ash soil, set in a temperate climate similar to the Mediterranean area, proved to be a place where olives would thrive. The Mission olives did thrive!
By 1912 the first subdivision of the Table Mountain Olive Orchards was completed, contracts for water were drawn up with the Oro Water, Light and Power.
By 1913 several Berkeley professors privately owned lots. They were commonly managed and according to their Articles of Association, the Berkeley Olive Association was a Non-profit Co-operative agricultural Horticultural Association.

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