Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mushrooms in the Grove

In mid-June, when my good buddy of 14 years needed his rest in Dog Heaven his daily presence was missed so much by me that I was only comforted when I was moving stones, adding compost and planting herbs & flowers where he was placed.

I’d go off to get waiting orchard and marketing work done but would find myself right back near him and, it turns out, kept at it until I had a 30 foot long stone terrace.

A ritual of being with him, communicating about life & its meaning became my way to begin and close each day for the first month following his physical-moving-on. At those times I soaked his garden. It turns out that of all places in the grove, that area remains - still water it twice a day - our most moist. Well, not surprising, we have mushrooms coming up in his garden.

A good friend of ours, Todd Spanier - The King of Mushrooms - has told us that there are three types of mushrooms that would do well in an olive orchard. These pictured here might be of those three or these could be something else that are thriving among olive orchard litter & horse droppings and not the safe kind of which Todd spoke. We certainly need expert eyes here. As soon as I flipped over the flatter one and saw the greenish colors, I took the picture and then went right in to scrub my hands thoroughly. As Todd, harvester and seller of organic mushrooms - - plans on getting us on our way with the appropriate mushrooms for our orchard, he has just the eyes we need. Calling him tomorrow morning. Curious.

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