Saturday, October 2, 2010

Party on Berkeley Olive Grove 1913


Today, as my older brother turns 67, the family enjoyed sending messages back and forth with questions and information about him.

One of the queries was about ever having received advice from him. It turns out that advice from him when I was a teenager was for me pivotal. During a phase of my young-extra-sensitive-life when I was feeling blue he told me that my best course would be to go to college and get a lot of education because then it would all make sense and I would be happy.

Although certainly eye opening, for Olivia of Olives, it turns out that the making sense did not crisply show up with a lot of college classes. But, his good listening and the suggestion of a clear path was just what was needed then.

So, he, the 67 year old, was the one to have me deliberately begin the life skill of seeking out a learning-more path.


In three more years both my brothers have extra special birthday celebrations: my older brother for his 70 years beginning (yee-haw) in El Paso, Texas and my younger brother for 65 years beginning almost on the Golden Gate Bridge. Those major celebrations coincide with our already in-the-works plans for the 100 year celebration of our orchard. Thinking, thinking . . . Something begins to perk.

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