Monday, January 24, 2011

Berkeley, Berkeley, Berkeley

The historic connection of UC, Berkeley and our Butte County orchard is coming back.

During early days of the orchard with trees planted in 1913, locals referred to the land as "Berkeley Olive Grove" or as Merle McAndress who - as a young girl - rode her horse to and through, stated as she approached her 100th birthday, "The Berkeley".

After locating a thick, rich with details document concerning the orchard's historic significance from a file at CalTrans we've been wanting a reconnect to Berkeley. Hmmm, listing names of the original UC, Berkeley professor purchasers would likely connect us to their descendants - who are, and right now I'm sending an invitation - our guests at the centennial celebration. We'd love to look at boxes of journals and photos for our museum.

But back to the CURRENT BERKELEY ZONE, coming close together, the connections are all major.

We now have our beautiful bottles of organic olive oil on the shelves of Berkeley Whole Foods Market and soon they'll have us in a fusti for bulk purchasing.

Very excited, so look for us, as we begin the Saturday Berkeley Farmers Market the first week in February.

Also coming up in February, Todd Spanier, King of Mushrooms, has invited us to the Chef's Lounge meeting in Berkeley to present our olive oil!

And, right on the UC, Berkeley campus, we have been invited to present our organic EVOO at the Play Green Festival on February 25th.

Whoo-Hoos - way appropriate.

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