Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Historic California Olive Grove Adopt-A-Tree Program

Two California University projects, over a 100 years apart, meet at the orchard.

In 1900, the UC, Berkeley Ag Experimental Station began research about growing olives in California. Land was located in Butte County & subdivided - supporting individual purchaser's retirement plans.
By 1913, the Grove, reported as "the largest Mission olive grove in the world", was planted and cared for until the purchasers could move onto the land. 1913 article below

In 2011, as we approach the grove's centennial celebration, CSU, Chico students are completing geographic information system projects in the orchard. Three mapping projects include: GPS location of every tree, GPS location of the estate micro climates/water environments and GPS location of significant historic buildings.

Each of these mappings support which-tree-to-adopt choices such as selecting tree # 88 near the south pond or tree #3 by the historic barn.
A tree's online information matches an adoption certificate with number, picture and GPS information. When visiting the orchard an adopted tree will be exactly located.

The Butte County Historical Society Museum has much early California olive production and actual articles written about the UC, Berkeley professors during the early days of planting & moving to the orchard.

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