Wednesday, January 26, 2011

University of California Through History

B.B. Meek Studied Civil & Mining Engineering at University of California
Beginning in 1911, Butte County property at the base of Table Mountain was subdivided and managed as olive orchard land by a mover and a shaker who, besides always standing as a leader in the olive industry, later became an Assemblyman as well as the state's first Public Works director. (Bert Bookham Meek Biography: Mansfield's History of Butte County, CA Historic Record Co, Los Angeles, CA, 1918).
University Professors in Engineering, Irrigation & Drainage, Political Economy, Finance & Statistics, Physics & Optometry Purchased Lots from B.B. Meek
Beginning in 1913, the following UC, Berkeley professors were the 1st to purchase lots from B.B. Meek:
C.G. Hyde,
B.A. Etcheverry,
C.C. Plehn,
R.S. Minor,
S.T. Harding.
During summers the professors' families camped in the olive orchards. Some built retirement cottages and homes on their properties. Two especially interesting books that discuss the orchard's history are The New American Olive Oil by Fran Gage and The Olive In California by Judith Taylor.

Those Berkeley Olive Grove 1913 establishing professors descendants are wanted for our 2013 orchard celebration. Please contact Olivia of Olives with all leads.

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