Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Historic Organic Orchard Adopt-A-Tree or Adopt-An-Acre Program

MEET THE TREES Preparing for their 100th Year Celebration in 2013

Be part of the orchard now, as together we are preparing for the future. With each yearly adoption we are able to provide more trees with a trim - only a couple of branches a year works best - and this frees them up to produce more olives.

Not only will this Butte County historic orchard continue to thrive - setting up conservation commitments that carry on after our stewardship - but people involved in yearly adopting of an olive tree are supporting the harvest of their local olive oil. As was recorded in a local newspaper in 1913 by one of the establishing professors of the Berkeley Olive Grove: This is a thousand year investment.

The adopting individuals or families are invited each fall to visit the grove to harvest a gallon of organic olives and watch a demonstration of enzyme rich curing of olives with Darro Grieco.

Each adopted tree has their specific longitude and latitude on their certificate.
In a lovely private wildlife preserve, one may engage in an easy search to locate their tagged adopted tree.

Join the Olive Grove Renaissance!

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