Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Conviviality and Polyphenol Discussions

Recently Darro and I attended a class at UC Davis for Master Milling. At that time we made fast friends with a couple on Sabbatical from their labs at the University of Athens in Greece. Our olive oils were included in a project that Eleni and Prokopios have been working on at UC Davis. Monday we all met in the grove, had dinner under the canopy of an olive tree and shared lively conversation.

After dinner we talked about the study Eleni and Prokopios had just completed. They began with the statement that they recognized ours as a high quality, well made extra virgin olive oil. We were shown some graphs and they both explained just how special the information concerning our oils really is.

Our Mission oils 2010-2011 harvest still contain a very high amount of polyphenols.

The level of oleocanthal – a specific phenol related to anti-inflammatory activity - was 50mg per liter.

Included in a phenol study of about 100 oils, after almost a year in the bottle, our oils had “a very rich and unique chemical profile – very different from any of the other oils in the study”.

Darro is gratified but I, with my Libra tendencies, am THRILLED with their findings and their continuing phenols study which includes monitoring the unique aspects of our Mission oils.

We’re looking forward to our next time with them - perhaps dinner in Eleni’s father’s olive grove in Greece.

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