Monday, August 27, 2012

Uh, oh. Breaking Branches in a Historic, Dry Farmed Olive Grove

It's exhilarating how loaded the trees - in a once abandoned grove - are filled with hearty olives this year.  Even with many July and August days of triple digit temperatures, the olives look perfect.

But, during this drought, our dry-farmed practice, (with a focus on high polyphenol/nutrient dense olives and oil) might be bringing forward an extra challenge.

In the areas where trees have all branches pruned to twelve feet in height, all is well.

Throughout the areas where pruning is at stage one of four (aka only 1/4 trimmed) we're noticing broken branches.

As part of our Adopt-A-Tree Program, as people join with a one year
adoption, the funds go right into giving the trees a trim.
Adopters receive:
*Certificate with the GPS location of their tree
*Nine 250ml bottles of organic EVOO,
*Tour and instruction in hand harvesting of olives
*Booklet with "how to cure enzyme rich olives", recipes and history of the grove including copies of some 1913 news articles describing what was going on in the grove 100 years ago. 
   Adopt at The Store bring this historic traditionally planted grove back to its former glory and celebrate the 1913 - 2013 Centennial.

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