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Great Olive Oil Recognition: Thank You World!

Great Olive Oils of the World
 Tom Mueller
 Recognizing people and products that Truth in Olive Oil applauds.

Great Olive Oils of the World
Marco Oreggia and Laura Marinelli and their Panel of Expert Tasters on over 1,000 samples from Italy and the whole world, your extra virgin olive oil has been selected for the Guide Flos Olei 2013 - a guide to the world of extra virgin olive oil, an instrument of information and promotion of the best olive oil producers in the world.

 Excellent Quality "by invitation only"
Savantes New York 2012
 Olive oils tasted at Savantes are specially selected for their excellent quality and are submitted by producers by invitation only from Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and North America. 
Savantes Group Tasting Notes
Brand:  Berkeley Olive Grove CLASSIC
Style: Medium/Robust
Flavour: Aromas of green herbs, apples, white pepper and citrus. Tastes of hot bitter greens such as arugula with some citrus grapefruit. A balanced oil.
Commercial evaluation: Perhaps lacking the length of finish of some of the other oils tasted at Savantes. A general use olive oil for cuisine with more robust flavours.
Brand:  Berkeley Olive Grove GOLD
Style: Medium
Flavour: Aromas of apple, citrus, green cape gooseberry and kiwi fruit. Vegetal tastes of bitter greens on the palate with grapefruit citrus. Finish of slightly unripe nuts – green almonds.
Commercial evaluation: An attractive fruity oil with greener fruit tastes than the late harvest. Use across all cuisine – delicate tastes to robust. Would be especially useful in desserts and baking.
Brand:  Berkeley Olive Grove RESERVE
Style: Delicate
Flavour: Aromas of orange zest, orange, melon, apple – a fruit salad of aromas. Tastes of citrus and bitter hot mustard leaves. A clean finish. Balanced and harmonious.
Commercial evaluation: An attractive ripe fruity oil with general appeal across olive oil users. Suitable for use with cuisine of subtle tastes, fish, light soups, fruit, cheeses, light salads, desserts and in light baking.

Additional comments: The three Berkeley olive oils were used in the session ‘Variation in Varietals’ to demonstrate the effect of early, mid and late harvesting.

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