Thursday, November 8, 2012

Not Your Ordinarly Olive - - Today's Project

Rather than the current practice of planting 620 trees per acre in a Super High Density grove, one hundred years ago the UC Berkeley professors began this Mission olive grove following a planting pattern of 30' triangles with 65 trees per acre.  As olives thrive in a mineral-rich well draining environment, it is not surprising to be getting some hearty volunteers.  Volunteers are often growing inside or just outside of the fenced area and found to be VERY different.  Are we seeing some reverting back to a wild-olive-shrub?  More to come with on-going research.
UPDATE: Agbiolab in Durham tested the volunteer trees polyphenols - 415ppm!
Volunteer in a mineral-rich / well draining area
Growing through the fence
In the fence olives
Today we're harvesting only volunteers and having a special milling with just these olives then sending the oil right off to to the lab for analysis.
Darro, a monitoring-kind-of-guy.
Outside of 30' triangle
Pit comparison: Mission on left

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