Monday, June 17, 2013

Berkeley Olive Grove 1913 Presentation: olives to premium oil

Expanding past our standard "orchard to oil" presentation, we're following up on repeating questions a Traditional California olive oil producer receives.

Starting with what-goes-on photos of a traditional grove at its centennial, we share our sustainable practices of growing olives and the production of premium olive oil.

Of course we guide one through the tasting experience of a high-antioxidant, extra virgin olive oil.

With a beginning discussion about extra virgin olive oil standards we provide a link to very likely more than most want to know about specific chemical analysis details.

Too easy to find, we have on-going documentation regarding continuing world-wide olive oil fraud - ouch!

But, on the WONDERFUL side, from Greece we have current scientific research regarding health benefits from polyphenol rich olive oil.

Turns out tonight's Weston A. Price presentation in Chico went very well with us chatting about each of the slides.  Enjoy. 

Slides (PDF)

Video on Polyphenols:  Dr. Prokopios Magiatis

For the entire Prokopios interview select the link below for a very information 9 1/2 minute video filmed at the University of Athens by Athan Gadanidis.

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