Friday, January 8, 2016

Oils Made from Olives: Honoring a Carefully Tended and Ripening Fruit

Some of us consume a quality olive oil straight but more usual is that it's used for our food pairing enjoyment as a spicy condiment or a buttery fruit over a dessert.

Not a homogeneous experience, it's fairly common knowledge that there are many varieties of olives that can be made into interesting olive oils.

Beyond the specific types of olives that offer us a choice in our oils, harvest times during the maturing stages of the fruit and milling practices have a large influence when the olives are encouraged to release their oils.

Berkeley Olive Grove 1913

Robust and spicy
*Green olives provide our most polyphenol rich oils - plenty of delicious bitter and pepper/chili

Medium with balanced spiciness and some butteriness
*Pink olives, for many people, provides a more approachable oil

Milder with fruitier aromas and less bitter / pepper 
*Purple olives usually have a nice buttery finish

Mildest and very fruity
*And, here's Darro looking over the black olives that we'll co-mill with ripe citrus - VERY popular
Monitored as an Organic and Kosher Estate. One can trust this farmer.

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