Sunday, March 20, 2016

Berkeley Olive Grove's 2016 Oils - Heritage Mission now posted online

The Store is now stocked with our 2016  Release!

While we would love to share face-to-face guided tastings at the grove* with each of our new oils, we have put some care into wording each oil's aroma and flavor characteristics.

Also, for your selecting options, we offer our food pairing ideas for our variety of oils:
          Robust - California Mission Classic
          Medium - California Mission Gold
          More delicate - California Mission Reserve, and our very popular
          Mellow later harvest oils co-milled with Citrus

If you are new to characteristics of the oils from our dry-farmed, traditional agriculture,
we suggest considering the Variety Packs' tab at The Store.

If requesting custom orders, please send us an email:

*Guided tasting grove video posted below The Store offerings for Classic Ultra-Premium

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